Early Diagnosis Area

ADiBAS offers to professionals who are working in the early detection area of work injuries, or in children’s health, an efficient system to check certain postures that can improve body injuries.

If you are a professional who uses the postural assessment as a clinical diagnosis, ADiBAS may be of your interest:


Medical school care like early detection of idiopathic scoliosis in teenagers


Occupational health centers and prevention of occupational risks.


Private medical centers of traumatology, neurology, rheumatology, …


Private physiotherapy centers, osteopathy, dentistry,…


Primary attention centers


Work insurance companies, Functional rehabilitation centers in hospitals, …

How can ADiBAS help in your activity?

Measuring accurately and fast body angles and distances in 2D and 3D
In pathologies related to musculoskeletal disorders, it is possible to quantify:

Spinal column: scoliosis, lumbar hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, flat back

Shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle: pelvic version, pendant pelvis, rotations of the pelvis and scapular belt.

Upper limbs: scapular position, elbow flexum, hand deformities.

Lower limbs: Q angle of the knee, varus/valgus angle, varus/valgus calcaneal angle, flexum-recurvatum angle, etc..

Global Posture: body blocks movement (head, thorax and pelvis), to set an indicator of the overall body posture. You can also make anthropometric body measurements of any body segment, you can analyze the flexibility of the posterior muscle chain and many other applications that you can discover when you use it daily in your clinic

There are many postural dysfunctions associated with neurological and dental pathologies, or other medical areas, where the evaluation of body posture is very useful to know the evolution of the prescribed treatment.

How can you benefit from ADiBAS?

Increasing your profits as you increase your credibility among customers and colleagues
The customer can view ADiBAS results in the computer. This information is very didactic and this way he will understand better the problem and the solution. We know Customers respond positively to harmless and noninvasive technologies. Also you will increase your credibility among prescriptor colleagues because ADiBAS reports include images and objective results of your study.

You can include ADiBAS as a new service for your customers.

You will recover your investment and further it differentiates you from the competition.The amortization is guaranteed.