Nine Catalan SMEs attract H2020 funding for their innovation projects

The European Commission has selected nine Catalan companies to invest in their innovation projects in areas such as smart textiles, renewable energies, healthcare innovation and ICT. The Catalan SMEs that will receive funds are Physicaltech, Agroptima, FemmeFleur,...

Kinect is a cost-effective alternative to a motion capture

Total body center of mass (TBCM) is a useful kinematic measurement of body sway. However, expensive equipment and high technical requirement limit the use of motion capture systems in large-scale clinical settings. Center of pressure (CP) measurement obtained from...

New generation of 3D postural measurement system

The most advanced, newest, and most complet postural analysis software on the market. A new tool for clinical diagnosis of the body posture, designed for physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths, health and fitness professionals.

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