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You will receive an emai with the link to download the software, license key and all the necessary documentation


Tutorial 1: basic features
Tutorial 2: setup and 3D visualization
Tutorial 2: calibration an image capture
Tutorial 4: measurement tools. Distance
Tutorial 5. measurement tools. Angle
Tutorial 6. Spinal analysis and drawing tools
Tutorial 7. Protocols and reports


Q angle

Q angle assessment

Download here the spec sheet of the potocol


Adams's test
Single Leg Squat Frontal

Assessment Single Leg Squat Frontal

Download here the spec sheet of the protocol


Single Leg Squat Sagital

Assessment Single Leg Squat Sagital

Download here the spec sheet of the protocol


Syndrom of mandibular dysfunction and cervical-cranial posture

Syndrom of mandibular dysfunction and cervical-cranial posture

Download here the spec sheet of the protocol


How can I learn to manage the ADiBAS software?
You will find a user manual in the Help menu of the software. Furthermore, on the web you will find many videos to show you easily its use.
Where are the captured images stored?
All captures and measurements that you have made, are stored on your hard drive. The responsibility of these images is yours. We don’t store any copy on our server.
Is there a minimum age or contraindications to use ADiBAS?
None. The ADiBAS platform can be used in children, elderly or pregnant women. It doen’t  emit any harmful irradiation.
Under what conditions should you take a capture with ADiBAS?
  • Calibration is recommended ir order to get reliable results
  • For a good stability fix the Kinect camera on a tripod
  • Capture the image at a distance between 0,5 a 3,5 m. If you are capturing the back place Kinect at approximately 0,8m, if you want the whole body, between 1,8 m y 2 m should be enough
  • Te closer to the subject, the better accuracy.
  • Don’t take captures in rooms with mirrors or glass for there will be errors in tne measurement.
  • If posssible, avoid captures on black backgrounds or black clothes, it can result in measurement errors.
Can I use ADiBAS with MAC?
Yes, you have to install properly an emulation Software of virtual machine. You can use Boot Camp. You can download this software from the apple web for free and is available in various languages.
Ask you IT consultant in case of doubt.
What are the minimum requirements that my computer should have to use ADiBAS?
  • Windows 8, 8.1 or higher
  • USB 3.0 for sensor Kinect
  • Minimum 4 GB of RAM. To improve the render of 3D images we recommend 8 GB or more.
  • Graphic card with DirectX 11c support
  • Dual-core, 3.1-GHz or higher processor
  • Processor 64-bit (x64)
To verify if your PC meets the minimum requirements you can download this app: Kinect v2 checker
Do I need to buy a device to use with the software?

To use ADiBAS software you need three devices:
1. A computer (PC, Tablet o Tablet-PC)
2. The sensor Kinect V2 by Microsoft.
3. An adaptor to connect the Kinect sensor wiyh the PC.

You may purchase both sensor Kinect and adaptor from the microsoft Store (optional in Amazon) or directly from us (only CEE countries)

Can I use the software in more than one computer?
No. The license is only activated on a single computer. It can not be transferred to other devices. If you have a license and change your computer, please contact the technical support  info@physicaltech.com